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Here's how we will work together

"A goal without a
plan is just a wish"

Willye White
Five-time Olympic Athlete

I will be more than a web geek for you. I will also immerse myself in your business and feed back on your marketing decisions because I have been there done that. I've launched successful corporations, raised venture capital, and read far too many financial statements and business plans. I will help with art decisions because I have a Masters in Fine Art and my work is in museums. I will help with writing and editing because I have published hundreds of articles in mags and newspapers, and edited magazines and books. And oh yeah, I can be a web geek because I built my first internet site in 1989, before there was a world wide web.

Warning: I'm a nitpicker and I have high quality standards. I will not let you look amateurish. Our goal will be to make your site compete with the best in your field. If you cannot take honest feedback about your writing or other decisions, go away now.

STEP 1 - Strategize

First we will discuss your business and your goals. I will ask how your website fits into your plans. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions. Most are about your business, present and future, but I want to know your personal goals, too. I work hard to make sure my clients get where they are going. Some things we will probably discuss:

  • Describe your business today.
  • Describe your business a year from today.
  • Five years from today.
  • What are your business goals?
  • Personal goals?
  • How does the web fit in your plans?
  • What do you want your website to do?
  • Will it be a billboard? Brochure? Or will you interactg a lot?
  • Should it generate leads? Sales? Do you need ecommerce?
  • Will you need credit card processing?
  • Do you need an email newsletter? How many email addresses do you have now?
  • Do you have a budget?
  • When do you need it done?
  • Who will write the text? Produce the graphics? You or me?
  • Who will work with me? How much will this person do? All of it? None of it?
  • Who will do updates?
  • Do you have a corporate identity? Colors? Logo? Fonts?
  • Do you have a digital camera?
  • Who is your ISP? Are you under contract?
  • Who is your current website host? Are you under contract?
  • What are some websites you like in your industry?
  • How about those not in your industry?
  • Who is your competition? What are their urls?

STEP 2 - Plan

I will prepare a proposal with a blueprint for your internet business. It will contain a detailed description of my recommendations and what I can and cannot do for you. It will also contain a cost estimate. I will quote you a flat rate that we will not exceed unless we have excessive modifications, changes, and mission creep. The document I will deliver averages about 10 pages (YIKES!). We will discuss the plan and modify it. You can walk away with an excellent battle plan for your website, free. But you won't. When we are agreed, we'll sign a formal agreement and I will ask for a 50% payment in advance via Mastercard or Visa, and put you on my schedule. The other 50% is due when the site is done.

STEP 3 - Build

You will need to start feeding me words, pictures, and other info necessary to build. I like to dive in and do as much as humanly possible with minimal interruptions. I try to get totally immersed in your business for several days. It is very helpful if you are easily available to me by phone and email during this phase.

STEP 4 - Test

Throughout the building process, and especially when the site is complete, I will test it on Windows, Mac, with AOL, Netscape, and Internet Explorer. You will need to ask friends to test the site and feedback on what they like and dislike.

STEP 5 - Launch!

Break out the Champagne!

STEP 6 - Evaluate

Again, we will need friends to use the site and tell us what they like and dislike. Another good reason to have friends.

STEP 7 - Evolve

We will make changes as necessary. The evolution process often takes place slowly over a year or more.

STEP 8 - Update

We will need to have a system for adding new material in a timely fashion.

STEP 9 - Upgrade

We will know when the time comes to make major upgrades to the site.

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