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Does your site need a makeover?

By Craig Goldwyn, visibility.tv

Top 10 reasons to get a new webmaster

10) Your webmaster can't meet with you today because she's studying for the SATs.

9) His email address is @aol.com

8) Her art director just finished painting the house next door.

7) He uses FrontPage and loves those cute little Microsoft stick figures.

6) Directions to her office are "Turn left when you enter the trailer park."

5) Maintenance is done by Hank from Jiffy-Lube.

4) She thinks Linux is Charlie Brown's friend.

3) He is married to your sister.

2) Her contract is her handshake.

And finally

1) When you asked for Flash he opened his coat.

It's not enough just to have a website. People judge your professionalism by your website. How's your website doin'? To decide if you need a makeover, take this quiz to see.

  • How does your website compare to your competitors?
  • How does it compare to Fortune 500 sites?
  • Is the design simple AND elegant?
  • Does the site use a single navigation plan throughout?
  • Do people always know where they are and how to get where they want to go without AAA?
  • Can you get there from here or do you have to go somewhere else first?
  • Are the sections cleverly named or are they understandable by the unhip?
  • Could your Grandma navigate your site?
  • Do the pages load quickly or are you courteous enough to leave your customers enough time to change their mind and go to your competitor?
  • Does all pages fit on small laptop monitors without scrolling left and right?
  • Does the site work with Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, WebTV, and Opera on Windows, Mac, and Linux? Have you tested it on all these with a 56k modem operating at 40k? Really? Honestly?
  • Does the site reinforce your brand, your colors, your message, and sell your product or service?
  • Is your site integrated with your other marketing plans?
  • Can people tell what makes you better than your competition?
  • Who controls your website? Marketing? PR? Sales? Please don't say the techies control your site.
  • Can your text be shortened and simplified?
  • Are there many pages that are all gray text?
  • Is your url and email on EVERY letterhead, brochure, on the side of your trucks, on every piece of printed material, and tattooed on your forehead?
  • Have you asked strangers to rate your site, or is your wife your toughest critic?
  • Do you have a simple clear privacy policy and do you stick to it?
  • Can customers find your telephone and fax numbers easily, or is it buried because customers just get in the way of doing your paperwork?
  • Are you using really kewl fonts or boring universal fonts that everyone can view?
  • Can people who need reading glasses read your page a foot away from the monitor or do they get nose grease on your pages?
  • Have you remembered to put music in the background so your site gets the attention of everybody in the building?
  • Is the content current, or is the latest news item announcing a sale that ended last week?
  • Did you use all the hottest new technologies to show off your technical expertise, or have you used just those necessary?
  • Do all the links to other websites work?
  • Do grammar and spelling errors make you look foolish?

So how did you do?

Is it time for a makeover?

Not to fear, unlike a bad haircut, you CAN fix a bad website.

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